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Tribute to the Founder

Let me go, working,
Still tackling plans unfinished, tasks undone,
Clean to its and, swift may my race be run.
No laggard steps, no faltering,
Let me go, working!
Let me go, smiling.
Let me be a helping hand to a troubled mind
Bring happiness and laughter to anyone I find
My soul undimmed, alert,
Let me go, working
Let me go, smiling!

These word summon up the very essence of Brahmleen Mahant Shri Indresh Charan das ji, founder of S.G.R.R. Education Mission. He was a great visionary and adventurous man who Built a chain of educational institutes with sheer hard-work. He Was instrumental in establishing these schools. He was a great Administrator, organizer and a man of principles and above all Very kind and generous.

Mrs. Rajesh Arora
S.G.R.R P.S Patel Nagar


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