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Principal Message

Today we are facing global and technological changes, as great as we have never witnessed. No one has a crystal ball but one thing is for sure to happen the changes which lie ahead sometimes these are beyond our imagination also who knows what the future has in store? What so ever may happen there are two choices for us to make- play it safe or play it smart, by preparing and getting educated and improving on ourselves. This is what our school aims at, we equip our students not only to be educated, but educated as per need of the hour so that they can combat the hurdles in their path. We as educators work out strategies to prepare our children to face the challenges of tomorrow. In our endeavour to do so we try to provide every possible opportunity for our students for growth and development be it library books, resource material for enhancing their academics or helping them to compete with other schools and institutions. The sheer determination and will compiled with unstinting efforts has helped us pave our way out of all oddities and prove our mettle.

Our school has successfully completed its 30 yrs in all these years our aim has been to nurture young minds and see them grow into dynamic adults. Our staffs is trained to counsel and guide our students so that they build their confidence and self reliance for a very different and difficult world outside .Our school's core belief is that a value based creative and focus mind is the source of all powers and leads to provide education beyond academics, hence all the lessons our followed by an activity to re-enforce the concept taught. Academic co-curricular activities include projects, exhibitions, debate, poetry ,recitation, essay writing, quizzes, painting to name a few, to empower our students with key life skills of critical thinking, reasoning and problem solving.

Parents are regarded as co-educators and keeping this in mind regular PTA meetings our organised where parents our encouraged to speak there minds clearly and get involved in the environment of the school.

The school is providing quality education at a nominal cost. Academics have always been on top priority of our school and our students have been constantly doing well since it’s inception till date.

Our school provides scholarships, incentives, fee concession to meritorious students, not only for board exams but for performing well at in house examination as well. Subject wise certificates and prizes are given to students who perform well. Over the years, our passed out students have been emerging as engineers, doctors, managers and officers from reputed institutions, medical colleges, companies and armed forces.

SGRR Public School Patel Nagar aims, to be an institution of excellence, dedicated to producing leaders of the future.

Mrs. Rajesh Arora
S.G.R.R P.S Patel Nagar


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