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Inter House

All the school students have been distributed into four distinguished houses in the name of highly famed personalities and learned dignitaries so that students may follow the path discovered by them.


Shivaji Bhosle was Maratha aristocrat of the Bhosle clan who founded the Maratha Empire. He was well known for his sharp and clever brain, agility and patriotism. The prevalent practices of treating women as spoils of war, destruction of religious monuments, slavery and forceful religions conversions were firmly opposed under his administration. He was titled as "Chhatrapati" and "Kshatriya Kulavataunsha".

House Incharge – Sujata Nirmal

Co-House Incharge – D. Singh


Gurudev Rabindrenath was the first personality to achieve the 'Noble Prize' for his excellent literary creation. He reshaped Bengali literature and music. He is the author of famous book 'Geetanjali' which is profoundly sensitive, fresh and beautiful verse and lately translated in a number of languages. He was the prominent poet, philosopher, composer and artist. He was the founder of 'Shantiniketan'(abode of peace).

House Incharge – Bhawna Upmanyu

Co-House Incharge – Aman Upadhaya


Ashoka 'the great', one of the glorious figure in the history of India was the prominent emperor of Mauryan Dynasty. After his victory over the very strong state Kalinga, his heart digected against wars and determined to adopt and spread love, truth, tolerance, non-violence and vegetarianism. Later he was dedicated to the propagation of Buddhism across Asia and established monument marking several significant sites in the life of Gautam Buddha. Ashoka was the true devotee of 'Ahimsha'.

House Incharge – Mukta Khatri

Co-House Incharge – Aveshesh Rawat


C.V.Raman was a prominent Indian physicist whose was influential in the growth of the science of the world. He was the recipient of the 'Nobel Prize' for physics in 1930 for the discovery that when the light traverses a transparent material, some of the light that is deflected changes in wavelength. This phenomenon is now called Raman Scattering and is the result of 'Raman Effect'. The other notable awards that he was showered with are Bharat Ratna (1954) and Lenin Peace Prize(1957).

House Incharge – Vandana Kukreti

Co-House Incharge – Sandeep Nautiyal